Every story is different..

We’re just like the others – we over indulge, we pamper, we take extra care, we go beserk when it comes to details and we want your wedding to be the best possible event in your life and we want to be here to ensure you get relive it. When it comes to your wedding, we’re no less than your family. We are wedding elements, and your satisfaction is exactly what matters to us because at the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you are going to be the one going home with an album full of memories. From ring-cuffing to the after wedding party, we strive to capture every detail of your beautiful story so that you can cherish those moments for many more years to come. The best part about us is that we are not limited to just one style or category.

We cover everything from photography, candid photography, videography and cinematics. When it comes to telling the story of love through a lens, we leave no stones unturned. So, you can put your faith in us if you want to get the best out of your wedding day. We are here to give you an album full of memories that will last a lifetime. We can help you in preserving your special day with the help of our team of ace photographers. So, whether it’s a Pre wedding shoot, Destination Shoot or Wedding Shoot, call us for expert services. 



Whether it’s pure, unadulterated joy or tears of sadness, a candid wedding photographer can capture these emotions in a manner no one else can. Our candid wedding photographers are talented and well-equipped and will make the perfect team to capture all those precious, unmatched moments during your wedding. These moments can’t be planned; that’s why you need someone who can anticipate them and give them to you to cherish forever. That’s what we do.

wedding films

You must be wondering how a wedding teaser is different from a wedding film? A wedding teaser creates an air of suspense and anticipation for the main wedding film. It is a short walk down memory lane that will keep you wanting for more, and that is why there are videos and photos to follow. Without revealing too much, the wedding teaser is a great way to re-live your D-day, and don’t forget to send it across to your friends and family. Our team will capture all your joys, emotional moments, and funny anecdotes. We will combine all these things within a 2-3-minute wedding teaser video


Nowadays, most couples are opting for exotic locations and destinations for hosting their wedding ceremonies as they make your wedding moments more beautiful. Whether you are planning to have a beach destination wedding or a royal fort wedding, the next big thing on your list should be to find the best destination wedding photographer for the same. Destination wedding photography is something you should consider carefully. The wedding elements would love to capture your beautiful moments of love combined with the gorgeousness of location on your big day.

pre wedding shoots

A pre-wedding shoot is not just about taking photographs of the couple. It’s about telling your story, no matter how long or short, in a manner that you are most comfortable with. It’s also a great way for you to know your photography team better and for them to have an idea about how to work with you. By the time the wedding arrives, you will be comfortable enough with your photographer to let them do their thing while you have a great time. A pre-wedding shoot will also help you in improving your body language in front of the camera and figure out which colors and what kind of lighting suits you best


• Are you guys still shooting weddings?

Yes, we are still shooting weddings and are following the necessary protocols as per Government guidelines. At the same time, we are also practicing social distancing, washing, and sanitizing our hands at regular intervals and also wish to be part of a smaller crowd for safety reasons

• Do you offer Live Streaming services?

Yes, we absolutely do! Please reach out to us at helloweddingelements@gmail.com or call us at +91 9400180222 to know more about the Live Streaming services we offer.

• What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Our detailed cancellation and refund policy will be declared in the contract before we finalize engagement. As a general rule of thumb, while we are flexible with rescheduling, cancellations will not result in any refunds.

• What kind of Travel & Accommodation do you expect to be provided for outstation weddings?

We are not picky about travel or accommodation but our equipment sure is. All we ask for when it comes to travel is that our precious equipment be handled carefully and there is enough space to stow them away safely. As for accommodation, we are happy as long as no more than two artists are assigned to a room. While we don’t need too much room, our equipment needs to be stored well.

• Is there a special pricing package for COVID?

Yes, there is. Please whatsapp or call at +91 9400 180 222 for more details

• Can you accommodate last minute bookings at this time?

Depends on how last minute this is! We will try our best to be part of your special occasion and capture some good memories for you! 😊

• Do you charge an extra amount for the weddings that you do outstation?

All travel and accommodation related expenses for outstation and out-of-the country shoots are as per actuals. Our prices will remain the same no matter where we shoot.

• How are the Images and Video delivered to us?

We have a completely cloud-based delivery system for photo selection and sorting . Final delivery of high-resolution images and video will be sent to you on a pen drive at the time of delivery

• Do you shoot both “sides” of a wedding?

Yes, we absolutely do! As a matter of fact, we recommend hiring just us to shoot both the groom’s and the bride’s family. It’s an absolute waste of resources to have two separate teams to essentially the same thing. We have enough resources in-house to be able to cover your entire wedding from start to finish.

• What’s your wedding photography style?

We typically shadow the couple as closely as possible while being hypersensitive to behind-the-scenes moments and emotions that occur spontaneously. These make the best wedding memories. This is largely photojournalistic to an extent – but we also like making gorgeous looking wedding photos for which we may direct and set the scene to an extent we believe that a successful wedding assignment needs a mixture of all of this, and a responsible photographer should be adaptable enough to deliver a mix of genres.

• What is the booking process to hire you?

It’s straightforward. You can call us directly at +91 940018022 or write to us at helloweddingelements@gmail.com with all your wedding details. We will check our availability during those dates and get in touch with you regarding the best package details.

We hope to make a part of your best day and make it special in any way possible!

• Do you accept destination wedding assignments?

Of course, we do! We have been to almost all major cities in India to shoot, So if you are looking for Wedding Photographers in Kerala or any other cities/towns of India, you simply need to get us on board.

Can you customise a wedding photography package according to our requirement and budget?

We do customise the package according to client’s requirement up to a possible workable point. We always try to work out packages that are balanced and value for money for both parties without compromising on work quality.